Do you have a product to import, which is perfect for the UK ?

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What we do


We carefully source and import products to sell to the UK market.


We research the market and create a marketing and business strategy.


We deploy a targeted marketing plan for every product selected.

Online retailing

We aim to develop long-term, profitable sales for every product.

How we do it


Our time is dedicated to identifying products for importing which have clear market opportunities within the UK.


With over 30 years marketing experience, we know how to make a product and brand shout the loudest.


With our knowledge of importing and marketing, we can identify and exploit opportunities to build long-term sales.
Importing quality products


By choosing us to import and sell your products, you can take advantage of our marketing and importing expertise.


We understand that the right creative approach can make a significant difference to how well a product sells.


Our sister company specializes in global importing, so once sourced, we can get your product moving quickly.

Meet the team

Find out more about how we operate...

Online and offline marketing

We are experts in building engaging websites and deploying exceptional marketing techniques to gain visibility for them. One we have identified and researched a product, we then develop a business and marketing strategy which is designed to grow sales, both on and off-line as quickly as possible.

Brand development

We are able to evaluate a product and when necessary build a brand around it. We know what works and what doesn’t, and because we will be buying and importing the product in volume, we will be 100% dedicated to making the brand successful. It is this strategy which gives our suppliers confidence in our business.

Success breeds success

As we develop our business, our suppliers will see their business grow with us, which in turn strengthens our business relationship and enables us to investigate how we can maximise market opportunities together. We might start by importing one product line from you, but in time, this could easily grow into serious annual volumes across multiple sku’s, with a dedicated website featuring your products.

If you have an innovative, unique or new product and are looking to break into the lucrative UK market, then get in touch. Our strategy means that we are not defined by market sectors or product type, therefore we will consider your product fairly, and if we think it has potential, we’ll get talking.

importing and online retailing

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Want to know more? Just drop us an email.

If you have a product you would like us to evaluate for import, just drop us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you quickly to discuss it further.


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