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What we do

  • Sourcing – We sell products via online retailing and other marketing channels. Our business model is set up in such a way that we can spend quality time sourcing quality products for import and sale within the UK. This enables us to find the very best products for online retailing. We have certain pre-set parameters which we  use to assess a product’s suitability for us, and these guidelines are the benchmark by which we make purchase and import decisions.
  • Importing – Our specialist knowledge of importing and logistics gives us a strong competitive edge when assessing a product’s viability for import into the UK. Our sister company Cargo Logistics provide immediate on-site advice regarding import costs, duties to be paid, clearing customs and so on. This enables us to correctly evaluate the true import cost. To find out more about Cargo Logistics, visit  www.cargo-logistics.co.uk
  • Marketing – As part of our pre-purchase process, we assess the viability of the product from a marketing perspective. We will look at the market potential, the margins it will yield and the marketing strategy we will use to achieve our goals. Online retailing is likely to be part of the marketing plan along with other elements depending on the product line and the target audience. One we have assessed the opportunity we will know whether the numbers work and there’s a demand for the product. Then our next step is to place an order with you.
  • Retailing – Once we have the product in our hands, we can focus on selling the product. We will build a professional e-commerce website so that we can exploit the online retailing opportunities. Where appropriate we will also look to sell the product in other ways. This could involve direct marketing, shows and exhibitions, shopping channels, high street retail and so on.

Our Work Process in %

  • sourcing
  • importing
  • marketing

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