Quality Shops Online Ltd are proud to announce the launch of  thepizzaovenshop.com which stocks a range of affordable pizza ovens, capable of making delicious home-made stone baked pizzas in your garden.

For the price of a garden barbeque, our pizza ovens do not require any installation – you can literally take your new pizza oven out of the box and fire it up…it’s so simple!

With a pizza oven from thepizzaovenshop.com you can now completely change how you entertain your friends and family outside…..no more boring bbq’s with burnt sausages and dry burgers… just prepare the ingredients and let your friends make their own pizza from start to finish, whilst enjoying a glass of wine or a bottle of Peroni!

Our pizza ovens are extremely versatile and can be used for far more than just cooking pizzas….you can bake flatbread, lasagne, sticky barbeque ribs or meatballs….one thing’s for sure, whatever rings your bell, you’ll find that a pizza oven from thepizzaovenshop.com will quickly become your very best friend when it comes to entertaining friends and family.

great marketing is solid gold

Having a great product is one thing, but turning the consumer on enough to get them to open their wallets is another. That’s where we are totally different to any other company who imports, stocks and sells your products. We don’t just buy products and sell them on Ebay or Amazon. Instead we look at the product line and use our extensive marketing and logistic skills to bring that product to market. This could involve an on-line strategy, a direct marketing plan or even demonstrating at regional shows or exhibitions. If Ebay, Amazon or any other platform are appropriate, then this will be included in our strategy.

One thing is for sure – what we do  is solid gold for product manufacturers.